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Red Light Pad
Nick Guzzin

I love Solas Red Light!

Red Light Pad
Ryan Cubillos

Another bullseye from Solas! Great way to optimize performance and recovery on the go or just at rest. Definitely recommend

Portable Red Light
Tonya Simpson
My light

I’m happy. Little upset I didn’t get my discount
But I’ll get another. Thank you. Celisa

Portable Red Light
Valerie Mangundjaja
easy to use

very convenient and quite small so easy for travelling or put anywhere at home

Portable Red Light
Tomas Ponce
Good, charger cable sent with it doesn’t work

I would have given this a 5 star but the charging cable sent with the product doesn’t work. Thankfully I had another USB-C cable lying around the house that worked with it.

A Great Portable Device

This portable light device is so easy to use and really helps sore muscles I’ve been using it every day. What I really like about it is that it has a preset timer for the appropriate amount of time, the charge holds a good amount of time and it charges fairly quickly! So glad I purchased this device, it was worth the money!

The recovery these units provide is unmatched

I have multiple units now and I absolutely love them. The recovery I have seen since starting to use these is amazing. These are no joke and certainly worth the investment for your body and recovery.

Red Light Panels
Ryan Cubillos

I love my titans, had to buy two. One of the best investments one can make to optimize performance and recovery. Thank you, Solas!

We are so stoked that you love your new panel, and we thoroughly understand how addicting red light can be for the body!

Red Light Panels
Zahari Angelov
great product

great product

We are so happy you are loving your Solas.

Portable Red Light
Bernadette Dietz

Solas Red Light is awsome!

Portable Red Light
Ryan Cubillos

I love my apollos, had to buy 2.

Thanks for the support and like we always say, the more body coverage with Solas red light, the higher amount of healing potential in the body.

Love My Panel! Do Your Body A Favor & Buy One!

I use my panel 5 times a week right before I go to bed. I absolutely love it. I’m using RLT to repair my mitochondria and reduce inflammation. I will be getting my test results done for cellular health in 6 weeks after using this for 4 months straight. Im excited to see the results. My energy levels haven’t been this good since I sustained a pharmaceutical injury almost a year ago. I also purchased the portable and use that several times a week while at work. I love Jason’s lights and trust his products!!! This is a quality and legit company!!!

Game changing

It has helped so much adding it into my daily routine of recovery my arm has had little to no soreness and I’m lookin forward to using it during the season when things really start to get kicked off

I've had my Solas Iris

I've had my Solas Iris for only 2 weeks but I feel like it's already increasing my energy levels after battling a toxic illness that harmed my mitochondria. I even did 15 minutes solely on my knees earlier today and was shocked when I jumped right up off my bed with no joint stiffness a few hours later. I highly recommend and am excited to see how far my health will improve with this device.

I received my Solas light

I received my Solas light in good time, considering it was shipped during COVID 19. It is a quality made unit with great power. I have been suffering from an unexplained rash that has not healed in 5 months with other therapies. With each day of using the light for 10 min. once a day I have seen steady improvement. Now after 4 weeks of treatment the rash is almost completey gone. I would highly recommend Solas lights.

I have been using my

I have been using my Solas Apollo full body unit for 60 days. I LOVE IT !!!! My doctor suggested this along with some supplements to increase my testosterone levels. In 60 days they went from 190 (extremely low) to 615 (perfect levels).

My red light panel was

My red light panel was delivered today from Solas. I ended up going with the Apollo model.
...already putting it to use!

My MINI just showed up

My MINI just showed up at my door. I could not wait to open it. Now that I have it im going to use it everyday. I do like how small it is.

Red Light Panels
Tiffany C.
The Apollo is the perfect

The Apollo is the perfect size .It gets my whole body with red light when I lay it on an angle on the floor. I also love that it comes with alot of extra accessories.

Just love this friggan light.

Just love this friggan light. I was going to buy the JOOVV GO but it was double the price and I had my eyes set on this device. It has all the benefits of the JOOVV and is really bright.

I am really excited about

I am really excited about this unit and the benefits I am seeing from it already.

Red Light Panels
Joesph M.
I was looking for something

I was looking for something I could add after my workouts to reduce soreness. I just got this light two weeks ago and Im feeling the reduction in soreness the next day. BRAVO guys great light.

Personally I wanted a light

Personally I wanted a light I could take anywhere. I found Solas on Instagram and their units seem to really have a good price point. I thought this unit would be a great fit for traveling and getting RLT on the go. It truly was a great buy and the light is really bright.

I have had the light

I have had the light for a few days and I have noticed my energy is up. Also the remote makes it really easy to turn off and on. I may upgrade to the Apollo next because I am really enjoying this light.

The customer service helped me

The customer service helped me decided to get this unit. Im glad they did because I really wanted a unit that was as large as a Joovv panel but I did not want to spend 3k. I was so happy Solas advised me that the unit outperformed their unit in power and in price too.

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